Research Statement

High performance computing (HPC) has crossed the Petaflop mark and is reaching the Exaflop range quickly. The exascale system is projected to have millions of nodes, with thousands of cores for each node. At such an extreme scale, the substantial amount of concurrency can cause a critical contention issue for I/O system. My research proposes a dynamically coordinated I/O architecture for addressing some of the limitations that current parallel file systems and storage architectures are facing with very large-scale systems. The fundamental idea is to coordinate I/O accesses according to the topology/profile of the infrastructure, the load metrics, and the I/O demands of each application. IKAROS approach can fully utilize the provided I/O and network resources, minimize disk and network contention, and achieve better performance.

Research Interests: Data Transfer & Management, Grid/Cloud Computing, HPC/HTC, Computer Networks, Data Analytics, Data Mining, Cyber Security.

Computer skills and Competences

  • Computer Networks (DNS, DHCP, VPN, RADIUS, TCP/IP, UDP, BGP, OSPF, PPTP, L2TP, IMAP, SMTP, LDAP, oAuth, GSI)
  • Computer Systems (Linux LAMP, Windows Server, VM technologies, RAID, LVM, MongoDB, REDIS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, WebDaV, NFS, AFS)
  • Distributed/Parallel Systems (HTCondor, Sun Grid Engine, Globus/GridFTP, Xroot, ROCKS cluster, gLite, iRODS, dCache, PVFS2, GPFS, HDFS, IKAROS, pNFS)
  • Programming (C, Python, Java, JavaScript, Bash-Scripting, SQL, NodeJS, SVN, CVS, Git, MPICH, Django, Flask, Camel, Spring, Jenkins, Android SDK)
  • Web Development (Wordpress, Joomla, Apache DSO, Application servers, AWS, Herokou, GoogleApps)


Experiments: Member of the CMS-LHC experiment at CERN (2004-2016), Member of the consortium (2012-2016).

Associations: Professional Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (

Fellowships/Awards: Severo Ochoa Mobility Grant, LinkSCEEM Fellowship to attend the 2014 PRACE/LinkSCEEM Winter School in HPC, PRACE/LinkSCEEM Fellowship to attend the PRACE-CSC 2013.

Outreach Activities: Developer of the “elastic-transfer” (eT) nodeJS module.